WWDC 2015 : What To Expect?

Apple's annual developers conference

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is set to kick off in San Francisco Beginning June 8 and continuing on until June 12 giving Apple fans five full days of anticipated news on issues that have been surrounded by rumors for the better part of the year. Rumors of a TV service, one of a revamped media streaming service and updates to iOS and OS X. After all these are the kind of reasons reporters, bloggers and enthusiasts alike come together every year and 2015 should hold an event to rival all others. It is also not unheard of though unlikely for Apple to also debut hardware at their WWDC though they have emphasize it theme is generally software.  Developers are also on edge for any information regarding Apple Watch’s ability to run their code natively.

These are the five biggest Apple reveals we expect will be shown this year when the WWDC starts on June 8 10 am Pacific time.


First up, right smack in the middle of the WWDC invite that was send out is a rounded square shape that looks undeniably like the current generation Apple TV box. That with the words “The Apple_TV_2nd_Generationepicenter of change.”  That is a pretty bold statement and that to us is definitely an Apple TV. Long over due for a new model the latest (3rd generation) was released over 3 years ago and is becoming dated. Hardware and software are both expected to be updated and rumor has it that apple has plans to turn this long standing device in a true hub for your home and entertainment. Apple had added HomeKit support with iOS 8.1 to the device but hasn’t utilized it yet and with rumored Siri integration it’s a good bet this is going to become the centerpiece in Apple’s smart house ecosystem. With HomeKit accessories just starting to roll out We believe apple has the market just where they want it for this new device. Also expect an updated remote with touchscreen and possible force touch technology.

Apple has also largely been rumored to be readying a slim TV streaming service to launch alongside this unit this month but there have been reports of delays in negotiation which certain channels included in the unknown line up. Ready or not expect Apple to release the hardware first to help get HomKit integration started and most likely finally allow developers to create TV apps for the first time.


Apple is reportedly readying an initiative they call Proactive which plans to unite Siri, Calender, Maps, Spotlight among other apps to serve you information in one place throughout the day without requiring you to even have to ask for it. This is following in suit with Google and theirsiri_ultimate_guide_iphone_5s_hero Google Now feature on Android smartphones that is being improved all the time and has really started to outshine Siri and her capabilities. Siri can’t even understand us but Google Now is already showing us what we are going to be asking for in the near future. An example going around is if you have a flight to catch in a couple hours Proactive will have your boarding pass ready or if you have exercise scheduled and its going to rain you’ll be notified. The Proactive feature is said to be accessed by swiping left on the home screen where spotlight search used to be. If Apple can pull this off it should really help the new iOS shine. Hopefully Apple will have this feature ready along with iOS9 and we cannot wait to get our hands on it when it becomes available.



Most in the technology industry failed to see why Apple would pay Billions for the acquisition of Beats making Dr. Dre the self proclaimed first “Rap Billionaire”. Over a year after Apple’s big purchase the reasons are starting to finally become clear to the rest of the world. The plan is to turn the Beats name into a revamped streaming audio music service that, if Apple is correct will do for the music industry what iTunes did for the industry in the early 2000’s. Revolutionize it.  Rumor has it that it will be a $10 a month on-demand streaming service coupled with ad funded radio stations developed by apple and hosted by celebrities like rumored Pharrell Williams, and also Drake. Apple still has over 100 million iTunes customers that currently happily pay for their music compared to Spotify whose similarly priced streaming service on has a userbase of about 15 million.  If anyone can change the game (again), it’s Apple and it seems they already know how they’ll do it.


Ever since Apple dropped Google maps back in 2012 and replaced it with their own self developed Maps app it has disappointed. A necessary move as Google is Apple main rival, at least in the software world. When Maps app was released the maps were either wrong, or told you to go to the wrong place which is basically the same thing and just as bad as the first. There has also not been public transit directions for people who need the app for anything other than walking, or driving. A bicycle might have worked too.

Apple-Maps-iOS-7-NavigationiOS 9 Should surely provide the update Apple’s Map app needs. The sure shot fix everyone is expecting is the addition of mass transit information for cities that have millions of people that rely on it suck as San Francisco and Especially New York. The Cupertino based company is also working on an overlay system that would allow you to view information shown about a business when it was pointed to on the map. A feature dubbed “Browse Around Me” will also tell you about place that are nearby that might hold interest to you and even bases suggestion on previous preferences and searches.

Apple also has plans to add indoor maps, 3D maps and a Google Street view answer but don’t expect to see those at the WWDC this June.


Since Apple is the only company whose apps run natively on their new smart watch all other developer’s apps tend to run slow. That is about to change because Apple plans to release their new Watch SDK to developers so they can finally produce their apps with the capability ofnike-apple-watch-appbeing natively run. As of now third party apps must load their UI first, then parse the phone for any information to be displayed on the watch app with all the processing taking place on the iPhone itself. This causes painful wait times that sometimes can even take longer than just taking your phone out and opening the app you are trying to get information from. This should all change when developers get familiar with the new SDK kit. Expect impressive new fitness apps to pop up that along detailed features in which you can leave your phone behind at home, as most of use do.

Developers will receive the SDK at WWDC and will be allowed to release their new and or updated apps utilizing it this fall.




These predictions are based on solid facts as well as speculation as to what Apple, the world’s largest company will bring to the table at their annual Developers conference next week. If you disagree with any of the above predictions or have some of your own be sure to post them below in the comments section. Anyone else going to WWDC? Lets us know as well!