Valve’s Vive VR Headsets go out to Developers

Can the Vive take on Oculus?

Valve announced that it’s Vive VR headsets co-created with HTC have started shipping to developers  according to a blog post yesterday on the Steam community forums. The “first wave” has been sent out to major movie studios, triple A developers and also to small indie teams working on their first title. Applicants where picked from Valves application process and received the VR headsets free of cost. Additional waves of units will be sent out to additional developers through the spring and summer, the blog post states.

Included in the box is one headset, 2 Lighthouse base stations, 2 wireless steam VR controllers, assorted cables, instructions and everything else needed to get started. This will give developers the ability to completely mimic the consumer version that is due out later this year on store shelves.

Hopefully this will give developers time to become familiar with the hardware and get a head start on producing quality games and software ahead of it’s slated release.