New Technology Uses Wi-Fi Signal to Wirelessly Charge Devices

Researchers at the University of Washington are working on what they call “Power over Wi-Fi.” It is claimed to allow wireless charging of devices up to 30 feet away using existing wireless networks. They believe the project will one day allow you to throw all those cables in the trash.

The project has a number of researchers, one of which stated that the infrastructure needed for this kind of dynamic change already exists out in the world today and would be relativity easy to implement.

The main goal of this technology would be to charge things like Mobile phones, tablets and even smart watches but could also possibly be used to power the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with in a home or office as well. With the amount of small devices starting to show up in peoples home the use minimal power this could be the next big step in our technological advancement.

“Power over Wi-Fi” works by converting pre-existing radio frequency (RF) power from a router into direct current (DC) power¬†which can then be used by the device. The research team claims this will require no dedicated hardware.

A surveillance camera was able to be powered by the team from 17 foot distance using a wireless router, and rechargeable batteries. Other tests showed that upload and download speeds on the network remained unaffected.

Since power output would be an issue for just one router to do such multitasking scientists created special router software that caused the unit to only when network traffic was belong a certain point. To avoid overloading any single Wi-Fi channel the power transmission uses three simultaneously.