Microsoft to Launch 1 Terabyte Xbox One Next Week

More space, More games

Tired of running out of room on Microsoft’s latest gaming console? Soon that problem may no longer exist just as long as you have the cash. The Xbox One storage space availability is slated to double next week with the release of a 1 TB Xbox One system.

The 1 TB console will feature a new matte finish and has a confirmed launch date of June 16, a mere one week away. This release date not doubt coincides with the date range of E3, one of the tech industries biggest annual showcases. Microsoft has also confirmed a price point of $399 USD.

The controller is also getting a new feature in the form of a stereo jack which will allow hardcore gamers to plug their headsets directly into the controller without the need for an adapter. Wireless firmware updates to the controller are also a reality with the new console. No longer will USB updating be required.

Consumers will have the option of purchasing the new system bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well if they so fancy.

Do you plan on tossing aside your Xbox One for this revamped version? let us know in the comments below. If not, let us know why!