iOS 9’s Low Power Mode Gives 3 More Hours

Apple announced at their annual WWDC event that iOS 9 which whose release date is coming soon will include a new “low power mode” that the company claims will extend the life of the current iPhone 6 by up to 3 hours.

Similar to features already available on Android and Windows phones when the battery drops below 20 percent, iOS 9 will ask the user if they wish to activate the low power mode. If you choose not to at that time you will get another message at 10 percent asking again. The configuration for the new feature can be controlled in the setting app. If the user chooses to activate the mode certain features will be turned off to try and conserve battery power where the phone deems it not needed at that time. Some examples included where automatically dimming the screen and shutting off sensors on the phone. When new notifications arrive iOS may choose to leave the screen off as well to conserve power. Push notifications will be limited or turned off altogether to also help.

The battery in the current iPhone is 1800mAh which is considerably smaller than some of it’s rivals such as Samsungs Galaxy line of smartphones but historically Apple has been good about designing low power consumption devices allowing the battery to be smaller and thus the overall dimensions of the device. The iPhone battery size has been for some a cause for concern though and this new technology incorporated into iOS 9 should help alleviate worries.

iOS 9 is currently in beta for developers and the typical consumer will have to wait awhile before they can test out the new feature along with others that were announced at WWDC. Proactive assistant seems to be the most anticipated addition but we are sure many will appreciate the extra battery life as well because after all what good is an assistant if she’s dead?