Razer’s Virtual Reality Headset Gets Support for Android

Razer’s Open Source VR project, or OSVR for short has announced that it will now include support for Android OS. This will be included in their 1.2 version release of their “Hacker Development Kit,” along with another desired feature, positional tracking. Positional tracking will allow users of the headset to experience a more realistic immersion making sure that the environment moves as the headset does.  The 1.2 release will also include support for a mobile version of it’s face plate to be used in conjunction of it’s Android SDK.

The new developer kit will also support a new face plate that has been fitted with a Leap Motion controller built-in. All owners of the VR kit need to do is swap out the existing face plate with the new unit. The face plate though will not be available until later this year. Also down the road is a 150 degree ultra-wide eyepiece module.

Razer claims 144 organizations and counting below to the OSVR project and more can join. The updated Hacker Development Kit is available now for $299 USD. That includes the recent updates such as positional tracking and will be shipping in july. If you own the previous version you can upgrade for $130 USD. No release dates have been set for the other mentioned hardware upgrades as of this time.