Nest Cam Announced as Nest Improves Home Automation

Google owned Nest Labs has announced their next home automation controlled device simple called the Nest Cam. Nest bought Dropcam last year for $555 million and this new camera by Nest looks more than a lot like the Dropcam Pro.

The biggest upgrade between the two seems to be that the Nest Cam dropped the underwhelming 720p recording in favor for a more competitive 1080p video. The unit itself is a round black camera just like the Dropcam and the stand is very similar as well though maybe a little thinner. The pricetag of $199 has not changed and that’s probably a good thing.

The Nest Cam sports a 130-degree field of view and aslo infrared night vision. A two way microphone is also on the unit allowing you to hear what is happening and also letting you speak so a conversation through the Cam seems feasible. An app for both iOS and Android exists and will alert you of unexpected motion right on your device. The device as a whole is meant to show consumers that Dropcam is now fully Nest.

Nest Cam 1

Dropcam’s backend infrastructure for recording and storing video in the cloud has been replaced with Nest’s Nest Aware, a new paid service that allows you to view your house while you are away. It stores up to 30 days of video and allows you to save or share clips with others. The service starts at $10 a month and allows for one camera at that price.

“At Nest, we always wanted to build more than a thermostat,” said Nest chief executive Fadell. “Our vision was to create a thoughtful home, a home that takes care of itself and the people in it. Five years later, all the pieces are in place.”

Now that Nest Has multiple devices they can work together for the benefit of the user. One such instance is if your Nest Protect, a smart smoke detector, senses a fire it will alert the thermostat to shut off any fans that may continue to feed that flames. At this moment we are not sure how the new Nest Cam will come into this picture but being owned by Google I’m sure they will find ways.