Upcoming iPhone 6S Exterior Design Changes

With the upcoming release of what will inevitably be named the iPhone 6S the question of how it will differ from it’s predecessor has been on the minds of many. Luckily Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who is known as the highest profile leaker of all information Apple has released 3 physical changes you can expect to the outside of the new model. This reveal comes on the heels of another release of information by Ming-Chi Kuo last month. The iPhone 6S is widely expected to be set for a mid September release date and will hold consumers over until the iPhone 7 launches next year.

Change #1

The iPhone 6S will be slightly bigger than the iPhone 6. The addition of force touch will require the dimensions to be enlarged slightly to incorporate the new technology. The iPhone 6S is expected to be wider, up to .2mm thicker and .15mm taller. Minimal bulk added for such a useful feature and most will not notice the change.  Force touch will likely be touted as the main new feature of the 6S as was the case with the new Macbook Retina launched earlier this year.

iPhone 6S Design 1

Change #2

Apple plans to upgrade the aluminum used in the iPhone 6S to be on par with that of the newly released Apple Watch Sport. That means 7000 series aluminum which has included zinc to create an alloy that will be harder to bend. Those of you that keep your phone in your back pocket may not need to worry quite as much about the new model bending which was an issue with the first iPhone 6 models especially the 6 Plus.

iPhone 6S Design 2

Change #3

The 3 Color options will more closely match the colors of the Apple Watch. Space gray will be darker, the gold will be more yellow and the silver is expected to stay mostly the same. There will be a new rose gold option to match those who bought the rose gold watch. This fourth color is expected to not be ready for launch and will come some time down the line after the initial launch.

iPhone 6S Design 3These changes coupled with previous released information should make for a decent upgrade to Apple’s flagship product. If you were hoping for more radical exterior revisions you might just have to wait until the iPhone 7 since Apple tends to completely change the look every 2 years. There has also been no word on battery improvements yet for the iPhone 6S. While the iPhone 6 Plus has terrific battery life the smaller version falls short against competitors and many would like this issue addressed by the company. That might have to wait until the iPhone 7 as well, we will have to wait and see.