Beats Headphones Found to Contain Weights to Create Premium Feel

It seems your Beats headphones may not be as premium as the company would like you to believe. A tear down of the Beats Solo headphones by Avery Louie, who is a prototype engineer for a company called Bolt has shown that extra weight was added to increase the premium feel of the otherwise plastic and overpriced headphones.

In a blog post via, Louie noted that in his tear down he found 4 metal weights that were added solely to make the Beats Solo headphones feel “substantial”. Upon weighing the discoveries he claims that they make up 30 percent of the headphones overall weight.

Two are made from zinc, while the other two are of an unknown metal and all four share the same dimensions indicating that one tool was used to create all of them cutting overall costs for Beats.

Louie further claims that the headphones are cheaply manufactured and uses glue or snap together parts on almost all aspects with very little use of screws at all. It seems that Beats relies solely on weight to convince you that your $199 USD was well spent. The headphones reportedly use under $17 in parts altogether as well.

This news comes on the heels of the Beats Pill XL recall due to fire risks. You can read more about the recall HERE.

You can read the whole article from available HERE.