Leaked Third Gen Moto G Picture Shows Backside with New Camera

Leaked Moto G Main

The Motorola Moto G is one of the most popular Android equipped phones as of recently offering arguably the best bang for buck you can get in a smartphone. It includes mid range hardware and good styling for under $200 unlocked and ready for the carrier of your choice.

With the Moto G line’s anniversary coming up leaks have started ¬†showing up around the web including this leaked photo of what is apparently the back of a prototype 3rd generation Moto G handset. The pic shows off a new upgraded rear camera and carbon fiber like styling on the back. The camera is rumored to be 13-megapixel and the device is said to have a 5-megapixel front facing counterpart. Rumor also has it that the display has remained the same size, but the processor has been upgraded to a snapdragon 410 unit with native 64 bit support. The new phone also has 1GB of ram and 8GB of internal storage. A 2300mAh battery now powers the device.

If the leaked picture isn’t enough for you there is also a video of the claimed prototype Moto G. These will most likely spur Motorala’s acknowledgment of the phone that many believe will be released this fall as were the previous generations.

3rd Gen Moto G Video: