Spigen Thin Fit Apple Watch Case Review

If you are looking for a case for your Apple Watch and you don’t want something huge or hideous you are only really left with a few options at this point in time. One of the thinnest and most reserved solutions is Spigen’s new “Thin Fit” case for the Apple Watch. This case is available for both the 38 and 42mm watch sizes and comes in four different colors; Black, white, gold and silver. We got a hold of a 42mm black version to test on our Apple Watch.

Spigen Apple Watch 1

The Thin Fit case comes in a box that is of typical fashion for Spigen accessories. It adorns the holographic seal that all Spigen products come with in the top right of the front of the box along with a large white sticker that states the color and size of the case that is inside.

The sticker wraps all the way around to the rear where a warning is displayed that reads “When installing, scratches may result from contact of the hard PC case and watch body. Spigen is not responsible for any damage that may ocur from equipping this case.” This is surely to be in the event scratches do occur and we haven’t noticed this slightest bit as of this writing. Needless to say the more you install and remove the more likely you are to experience some.

Spigen Apple Watch 2

Inside the box there are just two things. There is a Spigen certificate of authenticity that includes a serial number on the back and the watch case itself inside a non sealed plastic bag.

The case itself is made of a polycarbonate material which is some of the strongest plastic available and is smooth yet matte feeling. It is maybe a hair over a millimeter thick and has the Spigen logo on the bottom right.

Spigen Apple Watch 3

The case easily snaps on to the watch starting with the left side first, then the right carefully making sure not to break or scratch anything in the process. You will notice while installing this just how easy to snaps on and that is a double edged blade. There are many complaints on sites like Amazon that this watch case pops off alot.

Spigen Apple Watch 6

The Spigen Thin Fit case on covers the top half of the watch so that you may install and remove it without taking it off your wrist. This is the main reason people are most likely having issues because if you snag it on something causing it to move in an upward motion it’s going to come off.

While we haven’t had ours come off in the three days its been in use it is something to consider if you bunch your Apple Watch a lot. We will update this review if and when this happens to us.

Spigen Apple Watch 4

This case also creates a lip around the screen raising the sides about 1mm above which helps add screen protection. On the downside though you lose the feel of the curved glass screen which is a deal breaking for some with similar situations happening on the iPhone 6 and it’s glass.

Also as you can see in the picture above there is a molding seem on both the right and left sides from the mold but the top and bottom sides lack this mark. Not a big deal but worth noting. Below you can see the other side with the other seem.

Spigen Apple Watch 5

There are cut outs for both the microphone and the speaker allowing calls to be made uninhibited and just like if the case were not there.


The Spigen Thin Fit case for the Apple Watch is an elegant solution to protect your smartwatch. Being only a millimeter thick it is the minimalists best solution on the market currently. Most of the cases on the market are bulky and cheap looking even if they might stay on better. Available in four colors you should have no problem finding one that matches your watch selection. An option to have one without the Spigen logo on the front would have been nice or at least an etched logo that would blend in better like the Spigen Watch Stand we reviewed HERE. $15 USD is a little expensive for just a small piece of plastic but as long as it stays on it’ll be worth it. This is at the time of this writing our favorite Apple Watch case out there.