Amoeba Modular USB Flash Drive Concept

Modular Flash Drive 1USB drives have become a norm in the past decade with almost every household having at least one of these useful portable storage solutions. What almost no households have though is a USB flash drive that is 4 drives in 1. If you are an organization freak or perhaps have problems keeping your personal life separate from your business one this is probably the USB drive for you.

This modular flash drive by Yanko Design is unfortunately just a concept, but the design holds promise for the future. The four segments that make up the USB stick are separated into different categories which are documents, music, photos and videos, and a section for personal. When someone needs a file or files just hand them the relevant sections and keep those embarrassing moments from happening if you know what I mean. Also in the event that a segment is lost you have some good damage control because you only lent out some of the stick.

Modular Flash Drive 2

The segments can be plugged into a device by themselves or assembled for a single recognizable volume. The individual pieces in the concept are 4GB a piece and make up a 16GB flash drive although it could scale as far as technology would allow.

Although very sleek and contemporary looking, losing some of the pieces seems likely unless stored an some sort of case while not in use. This would be a problem that no other USB flash drive currently has so maybe it is just solving some problems while creating others. Regardless this device would match some Apple fan’s gadget collection very nicely and would probably fly off the shelves if it were ever produced.

Modular Flash Drive 3