Lexus Unveils Real Hoverboard

They year is 2015 and it seems just like in Back to The Future this is the year of the future. Lexus has released footage of their newest creation, a real working hoverboard. This invention is known as the “Slide” and may just be proof the the future is here now.

The hoverboard is part of a campaign currently being conducted by Lexus known as “Amazing in Motion”. It is aimed to provide a glimpse into future technologies in use today in the real world.

The Slide is a fitting name for the device and it’s shape closely resembles a modern day skateboard. Using liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets this board is one slick ride. Although it still needs a metallic surface in order to function correctly it seems to be the best step forward so far into the technology that Marty Mcfly popularized in his escapades into the future.

Lexus Hoverboard 1

Aesthetically the hoverboard looks like a Lexus product. From the front “spindle” grille that matches the ones found on current model vehicles by the company to the use of natural wood, in this case bamboo for the top at really screams high end. A big “L” logo front and center on the top of the board is also there so that you make no mistake of who made this impressive product.

Although the skate park in the video was admittedly by Lexus a special one with metal underneath the concrete the feat is no doubt impressive. The company promises to release more about the project in the coming weeks and I think we can all agree everyone wants to see more. Lexus states that the hoverboard will not be for sale or at least not in this iteration and is merely an exploration into technologies.

A short video by Lexus announcing the slide can be found below. A mini site for the Slide can be found HERE.