Smart Cooking: Gadgets for the Kitchen

With the rate of advancement of technology in the world today it seems fewer and fewer things are left unconnected to this digital world. Even to the most technologically savvy person though it seems the kitchen is a place that is often overlooked. There are many devices that can simplify your cooking and even go as far as to make it a more enjoyable task and turn the mundane into a technological adventure for you and your family.

Orange Chef Prep Pad

Smart Cooking 1

The Prep Pad is a smart kitchen scale that does way more. This connected scale gives you real time information on what you are cooking and provides a breakdown of the nutrients within your meal such as carbs, proteins and fats. This scale makes it easy to create nutritionally balanced meals for you and your family by removing guess work from your cooking.

Retailing for just over $100 this device connects to your smart device to display the information about your food and bares a contemporary look with a wood top and silver body.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Smart Cooking 2

This refrigerator offered by Samsung Electronics has a built in eight-inch touch screen display that runs Google’s Android operating system. The fridge connects to your home network with it’s built in Wi-Fi antenna and allows you to access a large variety of applications on it’s screen. Checking the weather or accessing cooking recipes has never been easier or if you wish to be more counterproductive you can check your favorite social network while your trying to get the milk.

This refrigerator will set you back a little over $3500 and is actually an entire working refrigerator as well as a giant tablet.

Quriky Egg Minder

Smart Cooking 3

This fancy egg tray wirelessly connects to your mobile device and can track the number of eggs you have left in the fridge and it will also tell you when the eggs are going bad. Each egg has an accompanying LED light and will light up marking the oldest egg in the tray. The Egg Minder uses push notifications to notify you when you’re low on eggs as well.

The Egg Minder will set you back $70 and may take a while to make up that cost in saved eggs but at least you won’t be eating the bad ones.

Range Digital Thermometer

Smart Cooking 4

Originally funded on Kickstarter the Range is a cooking thermometer that connects to your iOS device. Accompanied by an app that gives you recommended USDA presets for different types of meat this smart thermometer is one handy device. There is even a graphing mode to record temperatures and improve with trial and error. Push notifications can be set to notify you when your meat is cooked to say medium rare or well done so you don’t even have to baby sit the grille. The Range is made of high quality stainless steel and food-safe silicone for worry free use.

The Range thermometer will cost you just under $70 and comes in two different style tips or both can be had for $130.

Simplehuman Trash Can

Smart Cooking 5

Touching trash cans should be a thing of the past. This trash can by Simplehuman incorporates a sensor to open the lid without the need to use your hand or foot keeping the germs off you and your family. High build quality and premium materials make this can a pleasure to look at as well as keeping fingerprints away. Simplehuman also offers special liners to eliminate the hassle of trying to fold the bag over the edges and making taking out the trash a breeze in the process. These high quality trash cans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Depending on the particular trash can these will run you anywhere from $120 to $275 dollars. A bit expensive but could easily turn your trash into the centerpiece of your kitchen.

ChefJet 3D Food Printer

Smart Cooking 6

This printer by Chefjet is not your ordinary printer. It uses 3D printing technologies to create edible gourmets in any shape you can imagine. They don’t all taste the same either and can be printed in chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and even watermelon. Chefjet offers a tabletop monochrome version and a very large multi color capable printer that can print objects up to fourteen inches tall.

Ranging in price for $5,000 all the way up to $10,000 this new-age home kitchen device is not for the faint of heart. Aimed at professionals with industry in mind this is one kitchen gadget you probably won’t see in someone’s home anytime soon.

Taylor Aquatronic Measuring Cup Scale

Smart Cooking 7

This measuring cup coupled with a kitchen scale not only weighs solids but solves the problem of weighing liquids as well. This cup-scale will also automatically convert five preset ingredients from ounces to cups which include milk, flour, sugar, oil and water. Dry ingredients can be measured in cups, ounces, pounds or grams as well. Included on the handle is a tare button to zero out the scale in the middle of measuring multiple items at once to make sure your measurements are precise and correct.

Retailing for $25 this digital measuring cup comes in green or red and is a great addition to any cooking arsenal big or small.

Penguin Organic Food Safety Checker

Smart Cooking 8

This Penguin shaped device tests your food for traces of things like chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. To test the food you just have to insert a small piece of what you want tested into the sensor and within a couple minutes the results will be displayed on the screen. Although the testing process seems a bit drawn out you never can be too sure and labels don’t always tell the whole truth. This tool could prove useful for food inspectors on site or research institutions or just people that are big on health.

With a price that is TBA this technology is definitely a step in the right direction and towards a better and healthier future for many.

Ravi Solution Instant Wine Chiller

Smart Cooking 9

This gadget attaches to your favorite room temperature bottle of red wine to provide the perfect temperature for consuming in seconds. Too often wine is served at room temperature concealing the taste of the fruit and letting the alcohol predominate but pouring through the Ravi instant wine chiller will bring the wine temperature down to 54-64 degrees Fahrenheit which is considered ideal for drinking.

Costing $40 this device will certainly improve your hosting and impress all that tastes what it can do. The internals are the same kind of stainless steel that wineries use for their fermentation tanks so rest assured all that passes through will taste as good as it should.