Two Self-Driving Cars Experience Close Call on California Road

In a story broke by Reuters, two self driving cars had a close call on a public California road Tuesday. One of the self-driving vehicles was owned by Google while the other was apparently owned by Delphi Automotive, a heavy hitter in the automotive industry.

No other such incidents have been known to have happened and according to a Delphi executive this is the first of it’s kind involving vehicles equipped for automated driving.

The close call happened on San Antonio Road in Palo Alto according to John Absmeier who is the director of Delphi’s Silicon Valley lab and also the global business director for Delphi’s automated driving program. He was a passenger in the Delphi car.

It is important to note that no collision took place and that the Google equipped Lexus Rx400h crossover SUV had cut off the Delphi equipped Audi Q5 forcing the Audi to abort it’s lane change according to Absmeier. He also noted that the Delphi car “took appropriate action,” and avoided the Lexus as the software intended.

While Delphi and Google’s headquarters are not far from each other the two were bound to eventually meet. Dephi is currently operating two Audi self driving cars while Google has more than 20 similar Lexus prototypes in the area.

Thursday Google began testing self-driving cars of its own design but use the same software they have been testing with the Lexus models.

Both Google and Delphi have had minor collisions with cars operated by people in the past though they admit that most involved being rear ended at traffic lights or other similar scenarios. The California DMV claims that in all cases the self-driving prototypes were not at fault.

Google Car Close Call 1