iOS 8.4 Release Brings Apple Music

Apple today rolled out their latest update for iOS bringing Apple Music and other updates and fixes to the mobile operating system. Apple Music was announced earlier this month at the Cupertino based company’s annual developer conference. The service which is meant to compete with the likes of Spotify in the music streaming business also includes a live radio service with Apple’s first radio station named “Beats One”. Apple Music also includes a social media type networking platform for artists to post on and for people to follow.

Apple Music offers a three month free trial to entice users to try the service and defaults to $9.99 per month after the trial ends. If your family enjoys music as much as you might there is also a family plan option that costs $14.99 and allows up to six people to use the service.

Apple plans to release it’s new music service later on to Mac and PC users via an iTunes update later this year and even announced at WWDC that it plans on having an Android release as well. Currently the service is only available to iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users whose hardware is new enough to download the iOS update that it is included in.

There are 5 main pieces that make up Apples streaming service. For You, New, radio, Connect and My Music. Rumors have it that the company also plans on buying exclusive rights to content that it has done in the past with the latest U2 album that was released for free on iTunes. Free might not be part of the equation this time around though we’ll have to see.

Another change to note in the iOS 8.4 update is audiobook playback being moved into the built-in iBooks app and including CarPlay support. Bugs were also fixed that kept GPS accessories from providing location data and a bug that would reinstall apps back onto the Apple Watch after they were removed.