Android Powered BlackBerry Headed to AT&T

Blackberry Venice 1

An Android powered BlackBerry device known as “Venice” has been rumored to be coming but thanks to a leak by Evan Blass aka evleaks on Twitter earlier today claims that the device will hit AT&T stores first. Further more the device is rumored to have a downward sliding keyboard similar to a device shown off at Mobile World Congress.

A previous leak over on N4BB weeks ago also claimed the “Venice would be a slider phone with a 5.4 inch scree, an 18MP rear facing camera and a 1.8Ghz 6 core CPU.

What do you think about the thought of an Android powered BlackBerry device? Is it a sign of defeat by the once great smartphone maker and a smart move and the key to staying relevant?

You can check out the tweets by Evan Blass below.