Monoy Exact Fit Apple Watch Case Review

There are many case options emerging for Apples newest venture into wearables and if you like to protect your investments you are likely searching for one. The Monoy Exact fit is one of those options that caters mostly to those wanting to not cover up their purchase or add too much bulk that would take away from the Apple Watch’s sleek design.

One thing to note right away is that Monoy seems to just be rebranding an already existing case made by a Chinese manufacturer. The case was supposed to ship from Europe but came from China in a generic box that read “watch case” and read the size which in this case was 42mm. inside the box was a piece of styrofoam and the watch case itself. This case could most likely be located in it’s generic form on sites like Alibaba or their sister site Aliexpress.

That being said we will take a look at the case itself and it’s quality to find out if this is a product worthy of considering to protect your prized Apple Watch.

Monoy Exact Fit Case Review 1

The Monoy Exact Fit case claims to be made of a polycarbonate material which is a form of really strong plastic that has become increasingly popular in manufacturing with a rise in the need for a strong light material for a variety of applications. It does not cover the rear of the watch and “clips” on to the face providing protection of the entire front and also the sides.

The thickness is under 1mm so it really is one of the slimmest cases out for the Apple Watch and fits very tight on the watch. The fit is so tight in fact it is actually pretty tricky to get on and since the edges are quite sharp and not rounded we believe there is potential to scrape your watch if you are not careful when applying. If you like to switch covers on your devices or remove them frequently this case is not for you as repetitive application will no doubt lead to some sort of damage on the finish.

Monoy Exact Fit Case Review 2

The cut outs for the various buttons and orifices are well done except for the bottom of the digital crown which seems to be touching. This may lead to removal of the anodized finish on the Sport models down the road but could be fixed with a file and some patience. This issue is most likely due to poor tolerances and may or may not occur on every case manufactured.

There is also a visible seem on both sides of the case that can be seen only close up or when actually looking for such markings.

Artificial light from some sources such as computer monitors seems to create a rainbow-like glare on the face at times and while this is a minor annoyance it is still something to note.

Monoy Exact Fit Case Review 3

The responsiveness of the touch screen with the case applied is surprisingly unaffected and responds well to motions. Force touch is the only gesture that seems affected but is still achievable with a bit of practice. Colors are also minimally affected when viewed through the polycarbonate material.

Watch bands can still be easily changed with the Monoy Exact Fit case which is good for those who like to match their accessories with their clothing as the release buttons and path the watch band travels remains unobstructed which isn’t always the case.

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At a price under $9 USD the Monoy Exact Fit Apple Watch case isn’t a bad bargain. Shipping time from China was a little over a week which was under the quoted time but we wish Monoy would have been more transparent in their practices. We would venture as far as to say based on that any support for the product is probably non existent although we cannot say for sure.

There arent many cases out there that completely cover the screen so if you don’t want to use a screen protector due to the watch’s round edges but still want your screen covered this may be your only option so far. The edges should be more round to prevent damage but this isn’t really an issue if you leave it on permanently just make sure you clean the bottom of the cover and the watch face well before applying as dirt and fingerprints can get trapped in between the two.

If you want a low profile case and feel that the Monoy Exact Fit case isn’t for you you might want to check out our review of the Spigen Thin Fit case which can be found¬†HERE.