Next Generation Google Glass Revealed in New FCC Filing?

GG1 FCC Main

A new version of Google Glass may be out in the wild somewhere. This information came to be thanks to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which has a new unidentified piece of Google hardware making it’s way through their database.

If that isn’t enough to convince you perhaps the FCC ID will. Its A4R-GG1 and the GG1 most likely stands for “Google Glass One.” The FFC which tests all electronics to be used or sold in the United States requires such devices to be logged and analyzed for safety and compatibility reasons so it is impossible even for a company like Google to avoid the scenario that seems to be unfolding.


This label is an e-label only meaning the label is not actually present on the device itself which is common for prototype products. The label however IS accessible through the software if you know where to find it. The format of the label shown above from the device is shaped a lot like the screen of the previous Google Glass don’t you think?

This new “mystery” device doesn’t have a category like most devices that the FCC processes either. Most are labeled for what they are such as “smartphone” or “tablet” but this new device’s label reads “BLUETOOTH & DTS/UNII a/b/g/n/ac.”

Droid Life was able to further reveal that, like the category name states the device supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. It also is equipped with Bluetooth LE and rechargeable, non-removable batteries that cannot be simply removed without disassembly. Droid life also said that the product seems it comes with an AC charger and a USB cable meant to be connected to a PC to provide a “path for charging and data transfer.”

What this prototype might be is still up for speculation as Google has made no mention of it and probably for good reason to. Could it possibly be the new Chromecast rumored to be out later this year? Maybe. It seems way more likely from the model number “GG1” that it is a new iteration of Google Glass being internally tested by the team at Google.