Apple’s iOS 9 Software Beta Available For Download

iOS9 Software Beta MainApple has released their newest mobile operating system dubbed iOS 9 in beta form for iPhone and iPad owners that wish to try out the new changes. This act is the first of it’s kind from Apple as they have never before let consumers test the core software early.

Although tempting, upgrading to iOS 9 in beta form might not be worth the potential hassle as betas always have inherit bugs and issues which is exactly why they are still in beta in the first place. To make matters worse Apple has stated that if anything should happen you cannot revert back to iOS 8.4 and will have to restore your device to regain lost functionality so make sure you at least back up your device or better yet, use a spare device if you happen to be so fortunate.

They update will take up 1.7GB of space on an iPhone 6 and 1.6GB on an iPad Air 2 so if you want to take the plunge make sure you have the room to do so ahead of time. Once you’re ready head to and sign up for Apples new beta program if you havent already and follow the steps to download the software.

The update brings many new neat features such as a smarter Siri, and split screen multitasking on the iPad. Apple News is also included which is the companies promising new news app that is supposed to get smarter and learn what you want to read. Improved security and better battery life are some of the behind-the-scenes improvements that may or may not notice as well.

Apple plans to keep releasing updated betas for iOS 9 from now until it’s slated fall release so be sure to keep up on the progress if you decide to download and try out the new software.