Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Jaybird Freedom Sprint 1

Cords are a drag and with the amount of devices that utilize Bluetooth connections ever growing finding a decent pair of wireless headphones is becoming more and more important as time goes on. Many of these headphone though cost upwards of $150-200 for a reputable brand name pair which places the luxury of no wires out of the reach of many individuals who may want them. There is a brand that does offer hope though and that is Jaybird. Jaybird makes a few different models of wireless earbuds that are designed for running or other activities where normal earbud style headphones may fall out and where over the top style headphones just aren’t an option.

They achieve this by using what they call “ear cushions” which look more like wings that hook into your ear and basically lock the earbud in position. More on that later.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint 2

The packaging that the Jaybird Freedom Sprints come in is above par with the premium feel of quality printed cardboard with a matte feel that flips open with the release of an embedded magnetic revealing the contents behind  what is most likely PET environmental friendly plastic.

There is more than meets the eye though because although you can see the earbuds and a high quality hard shell carrying case through the box there are a variety of different size ear cushions and bud ends hidden inside.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint 3

Once everything is removed from the packaging you begin to really get a scope for what all is actually included in the reasonably priced headphones.

First is the Freedom Sprint earbuds themselves. They come with the medium sized silicon bud ends already attached but can be switched out for the included small or large sized ones but firmly pulling on the bud end itself while holding the housing firmly. This will also have to be done to install one of three sets of ear cushions which are also made out of silicon and are very flexible, more so than they look in any of the marketing pictures Jaybird has put out.

If you want to go for a more traditional route there are behind-the-ear style mounts that are hard plastic and honestly probably less comfortable than the ear cushion route though it is nice that they are included.

A USB to mini USB charging cable is provided to charge your earbuds although they seem to ship with an initial charge from the factory.

Last but not least is a very nice matte rubbery texted clam shell carrying case with a large mirror finished Jaybird logo on the top.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint 4

The right section of the earbuds houses the power button which turns on the device when held for 6 seconds and turns off when held for 3 seconds. Syncing is also done with the power button and is detailed in the manual included. The right bud in addition has the volume up and volume down buttons as well as the mini USB connection hidden away behind a rubber flap for when you need to recharge.

Jaybird recommends you keep the device that is connected to the Freedom Sprints on the upper right side of your body because that is the side the antenna is also on and by doing so they hope to reduce interference although we can say that the upper left side worked for us just as well when being paired to an Apple Watch out for a run.

The sound quality is in the very acceptable range. Don’t expect to be blown away with theatre quality sounds but you should not have any complaints either. If you own an Apple product and are replacing the accompanied white earbuds you’re in for an upgrade in addition to the cords free design which is why your probably are looking at these in the first place so it’s a nice addition.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Main

During the outing we had reception problems only in one small area and it happened both times. We didn’t experience a full outage but more along the lines of the music skipping maybe every 7 seconds until we were through that small area.

The ear cushions are very comfortable and probably the best part of these headphones. With an expectation of the rubbing wearing our ear raw we were pleasantly surprised that nothing of the sort happened. The medium sized cushions fit perfectly and once pushed into place never moved or gave issues. All in all these are probably the best method we have every used hands down.

One thing to note is that the cable that connects the buds together is not as “limp” as the advertising pictures may want you to think and it likes to keep its packaged shape for a while. 10 minutes of coaxing the cable into a more natural rounded look seemed to help a lot.


The Jaybird Freedom Sprints are a great set of exercising headphones with a price tag sometimes 1/3 of it’s competitors. At $59.99 they are not the cheapest route to wireless listening but they over deliver at that price. With a battery life time of around 5 hours according to Jaybird they should last the duration of any workout you plan to take them on and look good doing it too. Jaybird does offer a slimmer version known as the Jabird Bluebuds X but at three times the cost one would want to take a long hard look at the Freedom Sprints as well.