New Apple iPod Touch Line is Rumored to Be Announced This Week

New Apple iPods Main

It seems that the 6th generation iPod Touch rumors are true as The Telegraph has reported that the entire line up of iPods is set to be refreshed later this week. Although with each passing year the need for the iPod seems to be getting smaller and smaller especially with the increasing iPhone sales Apple must see a market for new models as multiple ones are rumored to be released when Apple decides it’s time to open up about them. A new Touch along with new versions of the Shuffle and the Nano are expected in that announcement.

The new Apple Touch, which has not been upgraded since 2012 is expected to come with a 64-bit processor which will most likely be the one that was used in the iPhone 5S. The camera on the Touch is also expected to be upgraded along with the edition of a 128GB storage option. New colors are also to be expected which are “electric blue” and “fuschia pink.” Gold also could be in the works as the color is being seen on more and more Apple devices with each update.

It’s no suprise that Apple waited until after the company released their revamped music service dubbed “Apple Music” which is designed to take on streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Apple most likely was hoping to create a music frenzy before releasing the next gen iPod devices to the masses and it will probably work too.

The announcement is set for Tuesday, July 14th according to reports but Monday is also a possibility so if your interested in purchasing one of these new iPods be sure to watch for them this week.