Sony Is Diving into Drone Market for Business Customers

In a change from its focus on consumer electronics, Sony has decided to venture into the drone market. Partnering with another Japanese firm ZMP they will begin launching Sony branded drones into the skies for various purposes but most for data collection for business oriented customers.

Sony said on Wednesday that it plans to create a company for it’s drone ventures named Aerosense. Aerosense will offer such services as inspecting aged infrastructure and surveying land that is difficult to otherwise access.

Companies already established such as Vine Rangers and AeroHarvest have shown how the use of drones can help farmers assess the health of their crops, assist in aerial photography and prove the drones uses outside of just warfare.

Drones over the past decade have become a top area of research for Internet and tech companies including big names like Google and Amazon who is testing delivery of items purchased from their website with similar technology.

“We’re looking to explore new opportunities beyond our core consumer portfolio in enterprise markets,” said Hiroki Totoki, who is head of Sony’s smartphone unit, which is providing resources for the companies new drone venture. “The key to driving growth in these areas will be adapting Sony’s innovation in various technologies,” including cameras and sensors, he stated.

Planning to launch in August the venture between the two will use a technology called VTOL which stands for vertical take off and landing to help the drones get into the air. Consumers will not be able to get a hold of the new drones as Sony has already stated that they will not be offered to the public for sale.