Nokia is Making a Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia Ozo Main

Nokia, who played a dominant role in the mobile phone era of yesteryear has seemed to all but disappeared after Microsoft bought them in 2013. Earlier this month though Microsoft had written off almost 8 billion dollars in expenses, more than the cost it took to acquire Nokia in the first place and the parent company just gave the world it’s first glimpse as to what they have been up to it seems.

Last night at an event aimed at the entertainment industry that was located in Los Angeles Nokia announced Ozo, a “next-generation” camera device for capturing audio and video in 360 degrees. Slated for a formal launch this fall the Ozo is currently in it’s preproduction phase and is aiming to become the default media filming platform for virtual-reality from sources such as Hollywood, various media and advertising companies.

Until now companies have been on their own in their quest for such film content, often creating rigs made out of many GoPros or similar camera to achieve their desired effects but the Ozo is aiming to make that a thing of the past and create an all-in-one off the shelf solution with a reported mid 5 figure price tag.

“We believe we can make this an incredible, successful adventure for all of us… to bring amazing stories to life,” a quote from Ramzi Haidamus, the President of Nokia Technologies. He also went on to say that that is not the “end game,” hinting at a possible consumer version down the road. “Once that’s done, that will inform what we do.”

Nokia says the Ozo has a number of great selling points including the ability to create VR in real time using live monitoring. A director may view the footage through a headset as it is being filmed to view from any degree or angle desired. The Ozo can also provide a lower quality video for playback in as little as a few minutes which before would take hours as the footage could not be processed very fast.

The Ozo attaches to a standard tripod and produces familiar video formats. You will be able to watch video from the device on headsets such as the highly-touted Oculus Rift or as 3d video from a site such as YouTube.